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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Live Arrival Guarantee

(Covers cost of the fish & shipping cost are nonrefundable)

The following instructions must be followed, or the guaranteed policy is VOIDED.

  • If FISH DOA, take 3 clear pics of DOA fish in the unopened bag next to the shipping label. Send a photo of the unopened bags with deceased fish inside within ONE hour of delivery. If the bag is opened, the guaranteed policy is voided. 
  • Contact must be made within ONE hour; we are unable to refund in cases where reference is made several hours or days later. Once the fish is out of the bag, any other care is completely out of the seller’s hands. Under the guaranteed policy, water conditions, temperature, and properly adjusting to the new environment cannot be covered.
  • Please send us a message with clear descriptions of the package to help us diagnose the problem.
  • Allow us up to 24 hours to process the claim.
  • Once the claim is approved, a refund will be sent back based on the number of fish.

Please note that our DOA policy will be voided IF:

  • The package is unsuccessfully delivered on the 1st attempt. 
  • The package is left outside for an extended period (more than 2 hours) during the extreme weather. (Once shipped, a tracking number will be provided; it’s the customer’s responsibility to take them inside as soon as they are delivered.)
  • If the package is lost, please contact your local USPS or other shipping carriers to file a claim (ask the neighborhood if the package is delivered to the wrong house.) 

Shipping Policy

We offer the best shipping rates possible. However, these rates may fluctuate with the market, and it is essential that your order will be delivered smoothly. Due to high shipping costs, we might have to increase our prices accordingly.

The shipping cost of Guppy fish, Shrimp or Food & Medicine:
– 1st item is $10
– $5 for every next item.

 Shipping cost for other categories:
– 1st item is $30
– $10 for every next item.